Decorative Paving

Driveway Paving

Chances are paving your driveway is going to be one of your most important home improvement decisions you will ever need to make.

I have no doubt you will be asking why.

  • Estate Agents believe that a well laid attractive driveway well paved goes a long way to an easier sale of your house. First impressions are always important.
  • It is critical that you contract a well-established experienced paving company who will ensure that the driveway is well constructed taking into account that the driveway has been laid fit for purpose and not only for show. Correct base preparation with adequate compaction is an essential component of a well laid driveway.
  • Avoid fancy patterns in your driveway, functionality is more important than a fancy looking driveways. Avoid cutting circles into the pattern this weakens the strength required in a driveway. Keep the bricks tightly laid avoid unnecessary joints.
  • Look no further than the 900 Herringbone Pattern, its interlocking properties assist in stability required when power steering vehicles are turning on your driveway. If you don’t like the 900 Herringbone pattern and would like to lay the Stretcher Bond Pattern, the bricks should run across the driveway.
  • A well laid broken brick cobble paving driveway can not only look attractive but is also a very cost-effective option.
  • The edge bricks should be supported by a concrete beam under the edge to form a foundation that will hold the driveway together avoiding the bricks shifting. This concrete beam should be at least 30-50mm thick. Pre casted edge beam kerbs are also a great alternative to retain the paving.
  • Drainage and water flows are a vital component to a successfully laid driveway, water that is not able to run off the surface finds its way under the paving compromising the base resulting in sagging and shifting of paving.
  • Gulleys, Easy Drains and Mentis Grids are a few options available to channel water off your driveway if required.
  • Choosing a brick can also be a tricky task, all manufacturers of Simulated Stones generally do not recommend laying any of their products larger than 250mm on a driveway unless laid on a cement screed.
  • Corobrik PA & PB ranges are great option to consider as are the wide range of cement products available in various colour, shapes and sizes.
  • Avoid using pressure hoses to clean your driveway as the pressure of the water has a tendency of washing out the grouting between the brick, rather use a broom.

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