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Why Hiring a Reputable Paving Company Like Style & Craft Paving Matters

1.Subpar Workmanship: Hiring laborers who lack expertise in paving can result in substandard workmanship. Uneven surfaces, improper brick placement, and inadequate drainage are just a few issues that may arise. This not only compromises the aesthetic appeal of your project but also affects its durability and longevity. Style & Craft Paving have 35 years of experience with well trained and qualified artisans.

2. Lack of Guarantees: When you don’t engage a reputable company, you often miss out on the assurance of guarantees. This means that if any issues arise after the project is completed, you’re left responsible for fixing them at your own expense. Reputable companies like Style & Craft Paving provide warranties or guarantees on their work, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment. Style & Craft Paving have been members of the Master Builders Association since 1991 so that they can offer a GMBA guarantee.

3. Project Delays: Inexperienced laborers may lack efficient project management skills, leading to delays. Time is wasted on inefficient workflows, lack of coordination, or improper planning. These delays can be frustrating, especially if you have a deadline or need to use the paved area for a specific purpose. Style & Craft have staff dedicated in coordinating the job to ensure as smooth and seamless job as possible from ordering bricks to arranging the removal of rubble from site if required.

4. Hidden Costs: Opting for cheap labour without specialized paving knowledge often results in unforeseen expenses. Without the proper tools and equipment, additional costs may arise from renting or purchasing the necessary items. Moreover, mistakes made during the project may require costly repairs or even redoing sections of the paving work. Style & Craft Paving teams all have their own equipment ensuring the job is done properly first time.

5. Material Shortages: When relying on inexperienced laborers, estimating the correct quantity of materials can be challenging. This can lead to constant frustration as you face unexpected shortages, requiring multiple trips to purchase more bricks or other materials. These extra trips not only waste time but also add to the overall project cost. Style & Craft Paving have over the 35 years used tried and trusted formulas to ensure materials are correctly ordered to avoid delays.

By choosing a reputable company like Style & Craft Paving, you avoid these potential problems. Our skilled professionals provide high-quality work, offer guarantees, manage projects efficiently, minimize hidden costs, and ensure proper material estimation for a smooth and successful paving experience. Don’t compromise on the outcome of your project – contact Style & Craft Paving today and let our expertise bring your vision to life.

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