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The easiest way to improve the look of your outdoor paving

The easiest way to improve the look of your outdoors and to minimize outdoor maintenance is to pave, from a pathway to a driveway to other outdoor areas.

A well paved area will not only improve your investment in your home but will also improve your chances of selling your house. It is commonly believed that a well paved driveway will entice potential buyers up your driveway and into your house, next is to have an appealing kitchen and bathroom.

Today, with so many bricks to choose from, the most cost effective for your driveway is the Broken Brick Clay Cobble which is available in various colours.

Semi Face Bricks have also successfully been used in and around the house to create a rustic look. Semi Face Bricks are available from a large range of suppliers in different mottled colours with the Autumn colours of Yellows and Browns being the most common and popular available.

The Cement Range which is available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes for all different application, it is generally accepted that your first choice should be an SANS 1058 previously know as an SABS  approved paver.

The Clay Paver Range from Corobrik is a range of pavers suitable for both light and heavy domestic traffic from the Nutmeg, Tuscan Blend, Burgundy, Champagne and Cederberg PA Pavers to the Ironstone and Namaqua PB range of Pavers introduced by Corobrik to give customers an alternative to the Cement Bevel Pavers in a similar price bracket.

The last range of pavers available is what is commonly called the “Simulated Stone”. The idea behind this brick is to take cement and various pigments and to create various ‘wavy’ finishes to emulate rough finishes found on shale for example. The 40 & 50mm range are for Driveway use and the 40mm Flagstone Range which is laid on a wet cement screed unlike the normal River Sand bedding. Flagstones are available in various colours and sizes which can be successfully combined to give a classy upmarket finish. We at Style & Craft highly recommend that on completion you contact a professional company like ‘The Sealing Company’ to seal your paving.

Now that you have an overview of the products available to beautify your outdoor areas why don’t you give Style & Craft Paving a call on 0116092737 or 072 760 5150 for a free no obligation quote from one of their well trained sales consultants.

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